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Untrodden: Book One of The Trails of Truth


A new moon is rising, and Sigrun's path is about to veer into territory as unimaginable as it is unfamiliar.

 The law student:
Adrift after the sudden death of her father, Sigrun heads uncertainly across the country to fulfill his dream that she become an attorney. Lonely and alienated at law school, she joins another student in working to free a prisoner claiming that he was wrongfully convicted of a double murder.

 The death row inmate:
Reserved and inscrutable, Zareh rebuffs the law students' repeated attempts to assist him, yet he resolutely maintains his innocence.

Sigrun is not convinced that Zareh didn't commit the brutal murders. Exasperated by his refusal to answer their questions during a visit to death row, she challenges him, asking if he wants to die. Haunted by the fear she glimpses in his eyes in that unguarded moment, she can't seem to let go of his case.

 The victim's necklace:
It is strangely captivating. When Sigrun peers at it closely, she can see shapes in the complex cloudiness of the sharply stepped emerald; she can almost detect movement. She feels an inexplicable connection.

Sigrun's journey begins in Untrodden and continues in the subsequent three books of The Trails of Truth, a contemporary fantasy series.

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